You could get £100s for your old laptop.

The price you can sell laptops for varies per site and per model. Here's how to get the most.

Laptops can also be recycled for cash, yet there's far less competition between providers than with mobiles. You can get money for both broken and working laptops, but it will be far below what you paid for it.

You can get more cash

While recycling sites are convenient for most laptops and netbooks, listing it on eBay will get you a bigger wad of cash, especially if your laptop's faulty. The recycling companies pay peanuts for broken or damaged gadgets, but punters on eBay will bid on faulty laptops if they can salvage the parts. See the eBay Selling guide for tips and tricks.

Consider a trade-in

Many retailers offer trade-ins or part exchanges for old laptops, if you're buying a new one, some offer as much as 150 off the price of your new gadget. The amount depends on the condition, age and spec of your old computer, as well as the new laptop you're buying.

Yet you're often restricted to certain models and makes, and if the new laptop is overpriced compared with other retailers, any gain from trading in is wiped out.

Protect against ID fraud

Remember to wipe all the data off your laptop before sending it to the recycler, eBay winner or trade-in company. Transfer any documents, pictures, videos and music you want to keep to an external hard drive, and clear your cache, cookies and internet browsing history so no passwords and credit card details are stored.



Don't forget eBay!

You're likely to earn MORE selling on eBay, even than the best results here - though it's more hassle. See the eBay selling guide.